Adonis & Dido: Dualistic Perception of God

Time and space, Power and substance, masculine and feminine. The concept of duality is a very emphasised factor in the Adonistic Genesis as it is explained by R.O. Quintscher. The duality of the highest divine being is however also mentioned in his later work "Lama Wulang", which he created in a time when his collaboration... Continue Reading →


The “Pansophy” of an Adonist

What could a key figure in the german Adonist movement of the early 20th century and the ideal Pansopher possibly have in common? Recognizing that Wilhelm/Rah Omir Quintscher and Jakob Boehme, two figures that after my understanding are not very close to each other both in temporal and personal aspects, actually shared several convictions about... Continue Reading →

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